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Do you want to provide an instant access from any

browser to your mobile app and get rid of App Stores constraints?

We have solution for you!

With N2I-CloudGaming solution power by our super-cost efficient 3Dpipe technology you can now without any modification get your mobile game available from any device having a browser, like mobile devices but also any desktop devices

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By Ankama Games

Cut the Rope

By ZeptoLab

Golf Peaks

By Afterburn

Mini Battles

By Shared Dreams


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No more lengthy development as we instantly convert your mobile app into a playable ad. You decide when you want the Call To Action to appear, after 20, 30 seconds or at the end of a level. Our solution powered by 3Dpipe our patented technology works with the major ad networks.

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Streaming an app to access it from any device has always been seen as a solution to many problems.
So far cost of the streaming technologies (using video encoding) hampered its development.
But now with 3Dpipe our patented technology, streaming any app in a scalable way with a low cost of operation is finally possible!
3Dpipe allows to stream any mobile app to any device having a browser.
With 3Dpipe, it is no longer needed to have GPU into the cloud to stream app because the GPU of the client device is used to do the graphic rendering locally


nothing2install is a french startup created in 2019 by 3 very experienced engineers with the idea that streaming app on any device is the way to go.

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