nothing2install won the I-Nov prize in the “Digital Deeptech” category

Nov 8, 2023

July 2023 saw the award ceremony for the tenth wave of the I-Nov Innovation Contest. Thanks to its “3D CLOUD” solution, the SaaS application and game streaming solution based on 3D graphics command transmission technology, nothing2install won the I-Nov prize in the “Digital Deeptech” category.

The “3D CLOUD” project aims to offer a SaaS application streaming solution, enabling game and application publishers and distributors to rapidly deploy an instant access service to their products. The solution is based on a revolutionary technology developed in-house by nothing2install, based on the transmission of 3D graphics commands. One of the major strengths of “3D CLOUD” lies in its ability to significantly reduce costs and energy, network and hardware requirements, while offering flawless visual quality. This innovative approach opens up new opportunities for publishers and distributors wishing to offer their users a high-performance streaming experience for applications and games, while optimizing their resources.

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