: Why Streaming Beats Simulations

Mar 10, 2024

For mobile game developers and marketers, the quest to create compelling playable ads that drive installs has been an ongoing battle. While various solutions have emerged, each comes with its own set of tradeoffs between authenticity, customization, development effort, and compatibility.

Today, we’ll dive into the innovative approach pioneered by and how it stacks up against traditional methods like HTML5 simulations and tools like Luna Labs’ Playable Plugin. We’ll examine the core technologies, highlight key advantages, and help you determine the ideal solution for your unique needs.

The Playable Ad Landscape

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s briefly review the main contenders in the playable ad creation space:

  1. HTML5 Simulations
    This approach involves recoding game logic, graphics, and mechanics from scratch using web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and WebGL. While cost-effective, these simulations often fail to accurately replicate the real gameplay experience.
  2. Unity-Based Solutions (e.g., Luna Playable Plugin)
    Tools like Luna’s Playable Plugin enable developers to create playable ads directly within the Unity editor using existing game code. The Unity project is then converted to run on a custom game engine or runtime.
  3. Proprietary Platforms and SDKs
    Some companies offer their own proprietary platforms, SDKs, or cloud-based solutions for creating playable ads. These can be highly customized but may come with lock-in risks and compatibility limitations.
  4. The APK Streaming Innovator takes a fundamentally different approach by directly streaming your game’s existing APK file, providing a lossless, uncompromised gameplay experience within playable ad formats.

The Case for APK Streaming

At the core of’s solution lies their innovative APK streaming technology. Unlike traditional methods that require recoding or conversion, this approach allows you to create playable ads without modifying your existing game build. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload Your Game’s APK
    Simply upload your finalized game’s APK file to the platform. No additional development work or code changes are required.
  2. Instant Conversion to Playable Ad
    Using proprietary streaming technology, your APK is seamlessly converted into a playable ad format compatible with all major ad networks like Google Ads, Meta Ads, and more.
  3. Lossless, Authentic Gameplay
    By directly streaming the APK, ensures a true-to-life, lossless gameplay experience within the playable ad. Players interact with the actual game code, graphics, and mechanics – precisely as intended.
  4. Unparalleled Customization
    Despite leveraging your existing APK, empowers you with granular control over the playable ad experience. Customize starting levels, modify textures and assets, trigger specific events or CTAs based on in-game actions, and more – all without touching your original codebase.

This APK streaming approach addresses a crucial pain point in the playable ad space: authenticity. By showcasing the real, unaltered gameplay,’s playable ads consistently outperform simulations and imitations in driving higher engagement, click-through rates, and conversions – ultimately translating to lower user acquisition costs.

Competitive Comparison: vs. Other Solutions

To better understand the advantages of’s APK streaming technology, let’s compare it against other popular playable ad creation methods:

Featureinstantplayable.comLuna Playable PluginHTML5 Simulations
Core TechnologyAPK StreamingUnity Plugin/ConversionWeb Technologies
Development EffortLittle to None (Use Existing APK)Moderate (Unity Coding)Significant (Recoding)
Gameplay Authenticity100% (Streams Real Game)High (Unity Recreation)Low to Moderate
Platform/Engine Lock-inNone (Agnostic)Unity OnlyWeb/HTML5 Only
Asset CustomizationHigh (Modify Textures, Events)Moderate (Unity Editor)Limited
Performance OptimizationVia Streaming TechUnity ToolingBrowser Optimization
Ad Network IntegrationAll Major NetworksCreative Suite IntegrationMost Major Networks
Analytics/InsightsProvides Click/Heatmap DataLuna InsightsBasic to Moderate
Pricing ModelCPM, CPCLicensing/SubscriptionOne-time Development

As the table illustrates, stands out in several key areas:

  1. Minimal Development Effort
    By working directly with your existing game APK, eliminates the need for recoding, Unity integration, or extensive development work. This not only saves valuable resources but also accelerates time-to-market for your playable ad campaigns.
  2. 100% Gameplay Authenticity
    Thanks to the APK streaming approach, guarantees an uncompromised, lossless gameplay experience within playable ads. This level of authenticity is unmatched by simulations or conversions, which often fall short in replicating the real game feel.
  3. High Customization Capabilities
    Despite the minimal development effort, empowers you with extensive customization options. From modifying textures and assets to triggering custom events based on gameplay actions, you have granular control over the playable ad experience.
  4. No Proprietary Lock-In
    Unlike some competitors with proprietary platforms or SDKs,’s solution is entirely agnostic. This means you can create playable ads for any game, regardless of the engine or technology stack used, without risking vendor lock-in.
  5. Seamless Ad Network Integration’s playable ads are compatible with all major ad networks out of the box, including Google Ads, Meta Ads, and more. This broad integration ensures a seamless experience, regardless of your preferred ad platforms.

While competing solutions like Luna’s Playable Plugin and HTML5 simulations have their merits, they often come with tradeoffs. For instance, Unity-based tools require moderate coding efforts within the Unity environment, while HTML5 simulations struggle to accurately represent complex gameplay mechanics and often involve significant recoding work.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Playable Ads

As the mobile gaming landscape continues to evolve, the demand for more immersive and engaging ad experiences will only increase.’s APK streaming technology positions itself at the forefront of this evolution, offering a future-proof solution that can adapt to emerging trends and consumer expectations.

Some potential applications and future developments include:

  1. Cloud Gaming Integration
    With the rise of cloud gaming,’s technology could enable seamless transitions from playable ads to full cloud-streamed game sessions, providing a truly frictionless experience for players.
  2. Extended Gameplay Demos
    While current playable ads typically offer 30-second previews, APK streaming could facilitate longer, more in-depth gameplay demos – allowing players to explore games more thoroughly before committing to a download.
  3. In-Game Preview Expansion
    Beyond user acquisition, APK streaming could revolutionize in-game product previews, enabling developers to showcase new levels, expansions, or even entirely different games within their existing titles.
  4. Cross-Platform Accessibility
    As continues to optimize its technology, the possibility of streaming games to a wider range of devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes, and even browsers, becomes increasingly viable.

Leave the past behind

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming and advertising, settling for subpar gameplay simulations or proprietary solutions is no longer an option. By harnessing the power of innovative APK streaming technology, empowers game developers and publishers to create truly authentic, lossless playable ads that capture the essence of their games.

With its unparalleled customization capabilities, seamless ad network integration, and future-proof approach, represents a paradigm shift in the world of playable ads and game previews. Elevate your user acquisition strategy, drive higher conversions, and provide players with an uncompromised glimpse into your gaming experience.

Experience the power of APK streaming and leave HTML5 simulations and proprietary lock-ins in the past, where they belong. The future of playable ads is here, and it’s streaming.