Cloud Gaming’s Next Wave: Empowering Publishers Without Overwhelming Players

Jun 5, 2024

In a world where 83% of adults own a smartphone, mobile gaming seems like the ultimate pastime. Yet behind this facade of convenience lies a paradox: while games are more accessible than ever, the barriers to sustained engagement and profitability have never been higher.

The problem isn’t a lack of players. There are over 5 billion smartphones worldwide. However, the typical mobile gaming experience goes like this :

  1. See an attractive game ad
  2. Click and wait for the App Store download
  3. Realize it needs 1 GB of space
  4. Delete some photos
  5. Finally install
  6. Try it for 10 minutes
  7. Never touch it again
  8. Delete during the next cleanup

This isn’t retention; it’s friction. And for publishers, each step is a potential leak.

On the publisher side, the figures are equally grim. In 2022, Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store generated over $135 billion in app revenue, with a staggering $75 billion in operating profit, primarily from their commissions.

On every transaction, whether it’s an app purchase or an in-app purchase, they typically take 30%. On $10 million in revenue, that’s $3 million gone. Add to that user acquisition costs that can reach $5 to $20 per installation, depending on the genre and country. And for what? Often, for players who won’t return.

The statistics back this up. In the mobile gaming industry:

  • 80% of new users drop off within the first 3 days.
  • Only 3% are still there after 30 days.
  • Average Cost Per Install (CPI) can reach $5.28 in the U.S. and up to $35 for iOS users in Japan in certain genres.
  • Over 65% of mobile gamers never make an in-app purchase, making each retention essential.

Publishers spend a fortune to acquire users who, for the most part, will never generate revenue. Each installation is a gamble, and the odds are against you.

Enter N2I and our vision of cloud gaming.

By instantly transforming any mobile game into a web game, we’re rewriting this losing story. Here’s how:

  1. Universal Access:
    A grandmother on her iPad, an executive on his laptop, a student on a Chromebook—all can play your game. No installation, no updates, just a click. It’s the game adapting to the player, not vice versa.
  2. 100% of Your Revenue, 100% of the Time:
    No more 30% tribute to app stores. Every penny players spend comes back to you. Plus, by eliminating downloads and updates, we keep players engaged longer.
  3. Technological Democratization:
    Our technology converts your APKs to HTML5/WebGL. The result? High-performance games that run even on modest hardware. No more GPU required, no more limits.
  4. The Web as New Territory:
    Why limit your game to two app stores? Our technology makes it playable anywhere on the web. Blogs, social networks, game sites—every web page becomes your showcase.
  5. A New Economic Model:
    In cloud mode, we charge $0.03 per hour of play. It’s a revolution:
    For players: Free access instantly everywhere, just enjoyment.
    For you: Revenue that accumulates minute by minute, naturally building loyalty with better ads or IAP or premium games.
  6. Installation vs. Retention:
    In app stores, an installation equals a user.
    In our cloud, “users” equals “active players.” Without downloading, they don’t leave. They come back, again and again.

These aren’t just incremental improvements.

According to early data from our partners:

  • One saw a 40% increase in average session length.
  • Another found their game’s “trial” rate tripled.
  • A top-tier studio observed steady revenue growth as players accumulated hours.

As our founder often says, “At 3 cents, trying a game isn’t a deliberation; it’s an impulse.” Some see it as the arcade model reborn—quick to start, pennies to continue. This model introduces a light touch: no upfront costs, no subscriptions. Just pure, instant access.

In summary, N2I transforms three burdens into assets:

  • The 30% tax becomes 100% of your revenue.
  • High UA costs become unified acquisition.
  • Installation barriers turn into natural retention.

N2I’s goal isn’t to compete with AAA cloud and games titans. Our mission is to democratize mobile gaming, making it truly accessible to all while enabling publishers to thrive. It’s more than technology; it’s a return to basics, where playing is easy and creating pays.

In the mobile era, gaming has paradoxically become complex and costly. With N2I, we’re making it simple and profitable again. For players and publishers alike. A silent revolution, perhaps, but one whose impact will resonate in every pocket and every balance sheet.