How nothing2install Solves Top Publishers’ Challenges

Jun 25, 2024

In today’s competitive mobile gaming landscape, top publishers face numerous challenges that impede growth and profitability. nothing2install offers innovative solutions to these pressing issues, potentially transforming the industry landscape.

  1. The User Acquisition Conundrum

Pain Point: Skyrocketing Cost Per Install (CPI) rates are eroding profit margins for publishers.

nothing2install Solution: Authentic playable ads
By enabling potential users to instantly try games within ad units, nothing2install’s technology enhances conversion rates. This approach offers a more engaging and authentic experience compared to traditional ad formats, potentially leading to more efficient user acquisition.

  1. The Retention Challenge

Pain Point: Decreasing user retention and lower Lifetime Value (LTV) of players.

nothing2install Solution: SuperApp concept
The SuperApp creates a unified gaming hub for a publisher’s entire catalog, keeping users within the ecosystem. This seamless experience across multiple games can improve retention by reducing friction between game switches and fostering continued engagement with the publisher’s portfolio.

  1. App Store Commission Issues

Pain Point: The 30% revenue loss to app store fees significantly impacts profitability.

nothing2install Solution: Direct-to-consumer cloud gaming
By enabling web-based game access outside of traditional app stores, nothing2install allows publishers to bypass app store fees for a portion of their user base. This direct distribution model opens up new possibilities for revenue retention.

  1. Cross-Promotion Inefficiencies

Pain Point: Difficulty in effectively promoting new games to existing users.

nothing2install Solution: Seamless in-game integration of other titles
The cloud gaming platform allows for easy integration of game demos or full games within existing titles. This frictionless approach to cross-promotion can enhance discovery and adoption of new games within a publisher’s portfolio.

  1. Technical Limitations

Pain Point: Slow update cycles and limited device storage constraining game design and user experience.

nothing2install Solution: Cloud-based game delivery
Cloud gaming removes the need for local storage and allows for instant updates. This solution enables publishers to create larger, more complex games without worrying about device constraints, while ensuring all users have access to the latest version simultaneously.

  1. Testing and Security Concerns

Pain Point: Limited A/B testing capabilities and vulnerability to piracy.

nothing2install Solution: Cloud-based game operation
Cloud-based gaming facilitates rapid A/B testing of features, levels, or even entire game variants without requiring user downloads. Additionally, it provides enhanced security measures, making it more challenging to pirate games or implement cheats.

  1. App Store Restrictions on Specific Game Types

Pain Point: App stores often ban or heavily restrict games involving cash prizes, gambling elements, or mature content, limiting publishers’ ability to distribute certain game types and tap into lucrative markets.

nothing2install Solution: Platform-independent game distribution
The cloud gaming technology enables publishers to distribute games directly to consumers via web browsers, bypassing app store restrictions. This opens up new opportunities for cash prize games, gambling-style games, and adult or mature content, allowing publishers to explore new game genres and monetization models previously restricted by app store policies.

nothing2install’s technology offers a comprehensive approach to addressing the major pain points faced by top mobile game publishers. By tackling issues related to user acquisition, retention, revenue sharing, cross-promotion, game design constraints, security, and app store restrictions, nothing2install presents an opportunity for publishers to optimize their operations and potentially improve their bottom line.

As the mobile gaming industry continues to evolve, solutions like nothing2install may play a crucial role in shaping its future. Publishers looking to stay competitive in this dynamic market may find significant value in exploring how cloud-based technologies can address their current challenges and open new opportunities for growth and innovation in game design and distribution.