Instant Android Demo from APK

Try any Android game or app instantly without install for 2min30. Completely free.

    How It Works?

    • Upload your Android APK
    • Get unique url to add demo anywhere
    • Demo streams genuine gameplay footage from your app in real-time
    • Works on any desktop or mobile device with a browser


      • No app install required
      • Test our tech and try demo of your game
      • Test apps easily without cluttering up your device
      • Share demos with colleagues or your gamers community
      • Promote your app by embedding demos on your site
      • Get app feedback without requiring installs
      • Qualify lead interest with free instant previews

      Get Started Now

      • Simple upload form to submit APK
      • Submit with PLAYABLE GO! button
      • Message that iframe code will be emailed after processing

      Fill in only the following two fields


      • What file types do you accept? We only accept authentic Android APK files.
      • How long does it take to process my demo? We’ll email you the url of the game or app within 24 to 72 hours.
        How many players can test the demo? From 1 to 5 max depends on workload. For more contact us.
      • Can I remove the demo ? Yes, just email us.
      • Do you provide demo usage analytics? No, like playable ads or cloud gaming solutions, it is a premium service. Must contact sales team.